Decolonizing Solidarity | Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles - Clare Land

Book club

The Decolonizing Solidarity Book Club is an online and face-to-face book club for people anywhere who want to process the book’s insights and discuss how they could be put into practice. Organised by Holly Hammond (Director of Plan to Win, a social movement learning organisation), Pru Gell (facilitator, mediator, educator), Clare Land, and a number of local book groups and organisers in a variety of locations. See the list of book groups here – we are 20 in total!

The book club will run from late March/early April to late August/early September 2017 – depending on when your group decides to meet. We’ll provide monthly discussion prompts and session plans as a guide. You can be part of a discussion in a face-to-face group; online in our Decolonizing Solidarity Book Club Facebook group; or both.

Please sign up below to get updates, and details about participating either online or in your own group.