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The treaty featured here was created by Bejam Kunmunara Jalo Noonuccal Kabool (aka Denis Walker) in conversation with members of the Aboriginal Embassy, including Robbie Thorpe. You can see more from Bejam on the Sacred Treaty Circles website and on the Sovereign Tribal Origine Peoples (STOP) facebook page.


  1. Graeme July 16, 2015 Reply

    There has been a continuing convenient belief that the illegal siezing of the lands now known as Australia were due to Naval Lieutenant Cook.
    Sure he was supposed to garner the Consent of the Natives to establish “suitable locations” to establish Trade Ports, and in that he failed, however he only ever claimed a Coastline under Admiralty Law.
    The theft of land came from the Instructions to Phillip, 1787 whereby he was authorised to claim half a continent as a possession of George the 3rd. This illegal act appears to have been resultant from pressure applied by Merchants, unable to get Trade Ships to dock, as a result of overcrowded prison barges blocking the Thames after Britain lost it’s white trash dumps in the 13 colonies.
    It’s important to be accurate in Treatying, and all blame for the illegal dispossession rests with The Crown, who appear to have scapegoated Cook after his death.

    • Author
      Clare Land August 2, 2015 Reply

      Sure- all for accuracy. But also very keen for folks to transcend any quibbles and look out for the meaning. What do you think of the gist of this thing? Awesome, no?

  2. Graeme August 2, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your response Clare. Since it is about legally binding contracts, Treaties and/or Leases, and we are discussing them in relation to moving forward in the illegal british squat now known as Australia, it is important in my opinion, to be as factual as possible, rather than trust The Crown to be generous in their interpretation.
    I certainly have no problem with the intent of the documents. My concern, even if seemingly pedantic, is that the myth that Cook did a major land grab is still perpetuated in 2015, by many, and since it obsficates blame away from The Crown, *(as if it was just an error by a then deceased Cook), I want to clarity on who is responsible for this illegal invasion, since that party remains the Head of State of the Australia construc, and notionally the owner of all the lands and resources herein.

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